Alexander Technique

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Alexander Technique

What Is the Alexander Technique?

The Alexander Technique is a method for getting rid of unnecessary and toxic tension from the body. The technique has largely to do with movement and changing these routine movements such that the balance, coordination, and support can all be improved.

Posture-related issues stem from tensed neck muscles which, in turn, impact the free movement of the head and spine. In order to embrace the perfect posture principle in life, the Alexander Technique may be adopted and implemented.

This technique states that a good posture helps the overall body experience a feeling of lightness that helps move the neck, head, and back without restriction and keeps the spine aligned, thereby allowing for maximum movement and flexibility.

The Alexander Technique can help regain a good posture by learning new ways of sitting, standing, breathing, and moving.

These new ways of movement ensure that there is minimum pressure on the body and all its muscles, boosting the overall efficiency and performance throughout the day.

The technique requires understanding the freedom of movement and a self-realization of how this freedom may be achieved.

This realization comes from figuring out ways that we interfere in this movement on a routine basis and adopting preventive measures to stop such an interference.

This self-realization is automatically translated into a self-healing system for one’s body, thereby yielding actual results in the form of ease of movement and greater efficiency.

Does the Alexander Technique Help Fix Posture?

The Alexander Technique definitely helps with the underlying problem. The technique is not specifically designed for posture, but it has had an impact on posture for all those who have adopted it.

The Alexander Technique begins by creating an awareness of what the human body, i.e., your own body, is actually doing.

The technique has been developed to change one’s thoughts and to redirect these thoughts into making better and improved choices regarding movement and reaction rather than relying on a posture corrector or other devices.

Once the recognition of being out of balance is made, the technique enables the individual to learn a manageable and sustainable way to restore it.

In this particular stage, you can get relief from neck and shoulder tension. The relationship between the head, neck and spine is, thus, restored.

As a result, movement-related tensions and discomforts disappear.

Once a natural poise is achieved, the body and mind find stability, balance, and fluidity. The body feels good and works better than it used to with a new and improved posture.

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