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What Are the Best Yoga Positions for Posture?

Yoga has been widely known to help achieve an upright posture among men and women. In addition to being a stress-relieving meditation, yoga can help with conditions such as slouched posture, swayback posture and chronic back pains.

A few of the popular yoga positions for posture alignment have been listed below:

1. Tree Pose:

In this position, you stand tall, lift your right foot and fall into a proper upright posture to keep your balance while standing on one foot.

While doing so, make sure to keep your shoulders in line with your hips and press the sole of your right foot against the left inner thigh.

This will be difficult at first, so rest your right foot on your ankle until you find this easy to maintain. Then move your foot higher and you improve.

2. Standing Forward Fold:

This yoga position is aimed to help lengthen the spine in order to improve posture. Tilt your hips, bend forward and touch your toe using your hand.

Alternatively, you could simply hold the opposite elbows while bent forward.

3. Downward-Facing Dog Pose:

The downward dog pose can help flex the muscles and achieve strength simultaneously. Make an upside-down V with your body by placing your hands and feet onto the ground.

This pose elongates the spine and achieves strength in all the body muscles.

4. Cobra Pose:

For this pose, lie on your stomach with hands under your shoulders and pressed against the ground. Lift the upper body in the shape of a cobra snake, as the name suggests.

5. Bow Pose:

Lie flat on your stomach and reach your hands back to grip your ankles. While doing so, draw your thighs and upper body off the floor, inhaling simultaneously. Every time you inhale, attempt to bring your body further from the ground.

It will be difficult to reach your ankles at first, take it slowly at first and do not strain to reach – this will be achieved with regular practice.

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